Import log data from over 200 common network devices. Import text logs (from FTP or file share), SQL Log Databases, and even Windows Event logs.


Create the report you need with Vantage’s incredibly flexible report templating engine.


Email reports to the intended recipients, or provide secure web-based access to reports via the Vantage Web Module.

AD / LDAP Integration

Vantage integrates with your directory server to group users for departmental reporting.

Fully Automated

Automate the process of importing log data and delivering reports to save time and keep everyone informed.


Vantage’s multi-processing technology can import your logs and crunch reports faster than any other reporting tool!

Worldwide Customers

Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services, as part of the Tasmanian state government, has outsourced the management of our wide-area-network services, including proxies. While it is intending to have direct access to our own proxies in the future, at this stage we only have access to periodic internet usage logs. WebSpy has been a great tool for profiling and providing the management reports required. The tool is powerful and addresses both agency level and individual level reports but the level of detail extractable for business level groupings is dependent on the structure of the network address space. WebSpy have also provided good support and advice on issues for planning purposes.
— Kevin Stark (Manager, IT Infrastructure)

Code Masters

We needed accurate reporting of web usage and the ability to analyze where our bandwidth was going. WebSpy Vantage has allowed us to understand exactly what the internet bandwidth is being used for and I particularly value the solution's report features. I recommend Vantage to any organization that is looking to understand how their internet resources are being used.
— Jonathan Humphrey (IT Director):

I am currently working with a large corporate customer in South Africa to track down the source of Conficker internet infection attempts. We are heavily using Webspy for this. I start off with the Alert from the ISP then work back through our Forefront TMG logs to narrow down the pool of potential machines. Once i get down to a managable amount of potential machines i export the IP list from WebSpy and plug it into nMap. We then scan the potential machines and normally we get a hit for a Conficker infected machine. Without WebSpy we would literally be poking around in the dark…
— Etienne Liebetrau

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